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Trixie has the white paws, Chloe has the tan. They are in the 2 - 3 year old range, both some kind of Shepherd X's, and were a transfer from another municipality. They're currently in a foster home who have done a great job working with them, and exposing them to "new" things ... they were initially growly and unsure around the horses and that has settled now with familiarity. We've learnt they're uninterested in toys, love their big beds, are food driven and easy to work with; responsive on commands and corrections, they won't be dogs for a cat home. Children in the 10+ range would likely be fine for the girls. We suspect both dogs were heavy-handed in the past, and husband has done great work (especially with Trixie who was so scared of him initially) to help teach them men can be kind. Now they both love their belly rubs, and attention from humans. Given the environment we're told they came from, these two especially deserve a chance to be well loved and valued. 

Trixie & Chloe

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