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About Us

Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue Foundation is based in the community of High River, but serves all of the smaller towns and villages in the MD of Foothills including Blackie, Longview, Cayley and offers support to Turner Valley/Black Diamond and the Town of Okotoks, as well as the rural and ranch community in between.


Kim Hessel, Founder, saw a critical need for an organization dedicated to helping rural animals after a particularly gruesome and disturbing case of animal abuse within the Town of High River in February of 1999. Options and education are still needed today to offer protection, empathy and compassion towards the unwanted animals of our society.


We provide shelter, care and nourishment to abandoned, abused and homeless domestic animals within High River and the surrounding area. This includes altering of the animals, vaccinations and tattoo identification, as well as addressing and treating any other health issue. Responsible rehoming is an essential part of our philosophy, and one we take extremely seriously.


Additionally, we work actively in our community to trap and alter feral cats. Feral, or unsocialized cats, are a problem in most smaller communities, and contribute to overpopulation issues. For each cat trapped and altered, literally thousands of potential births have been avoided. Feral trapping is an important part of what HCW does, and we encourage residents in smaller communities to approach us for help and answers to feral cat issues.


The focus of our work has always been to reach as many animals as possible with the resources available to us. At any given time, we are caring for approximately 150 – 200 animals, with our concentration on companion animals. Cats are a significant portion of those numbers due to their breeding patterns, and their perceived lack of value. Unfortunately, we’re only able to reach what feels like a small number of animals in time to help them. There is always much more work to be done.

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Our Vision



"To affect positive change in the lives of the animals we take responsibility for, and to touch the lives of those in our community by being respected as a trusted source of help, education and action”

Through committed staff and volunteers, we will strive to recognize the individual needs or our animals and work hard to find the best possible homes  based on their needs and the needs of our adopters

"Caring: We are passionate about animal welfare and our efforts reflect that commitment daily.”


"We are empathetic to the needs of the animals and their stories, and recognize those in our community who need help with animal issues.”


An empathetic attitude towards animals and people in all our staff and volunteers

Adoption Centre

As of April 1, 2019, the Adoption Centre is located at 56249 - 562 Avenue E., just southwest of High River. We are open Wednesday thru Sunday's from 11A - 4P, closed Monday's and Tuesday's.


At any given time, there are at least 30 cats on-site of varying age ranges, sizes and personalities with staff and volunteers who know the cats really well and can help make suggestions based on the needs of potential adopters. 


Dogs are available for adoption as well, but please know we do not do same day adoptions for dogs or cats. We encourage anyone interested in either a cat or dog from our website to submit your information through our online application as that is the starting point of all adoptions, and does help to give our Adoption Coordinators a clearer idea of what you're hoping to find, and if we have a potential fit.


We’ve tried very hard to make the Adoption Centre a comfortable place for both humans and animals, and we believe it’s important to the longterm success of adoptions to give the animals good socializing, engagement and a healthy environment in order to have them transition into a new home as seamlessly as possible.

The Adoption Centre phone number is 403-601-2520 or you can email to with questions or for street directions.


Adoption Centre

Find Us

Heaven Can Wait

Animal Rescue Foundation

Box 6131, Station Main

High River
Alberta, T1V 1P7

PH: (403) 601-2520

facebook: Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue Foundation

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