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In The Community

It takes a community to raise a child and a community to raise a pet. We partner with some wonderful local businesses. 

From vets to volunteers, none of the work, and help, that is provided goes unnoticed. 

Below are some of the people we lean on for support. We are always looking for volunteers, if you would like to help, please view the roles we have and let us know how you would like to help. 

How You Can Help

Financial Donations


Every charity struggles financially and Heaven Can Wait is no different. We are always humbled by the generousity of individuals, corporations and the community and we appreciate any financial contribution that can be made towards the care of all of our animals. We are currently seeking financial assistance to help defer the costs of the following ongoing expenses:

  • Veterinary care (monthly between $7,000 - $12,000)

  • Fuel and utilities (monthly between $600 - $1,200)

  • Food (monthly between $800 and $1,500)

  • Maintenance of vehicle (monthly $500-$1,000 for gas and repairs)

  • Garbage removal (monthly $75)

  • Advertising (monthly $200)

  • Specific one-time costs (i.e. washer/dryer, vacuum, drywall and other household repairs, dogs runs, shelters, etc.)

For those wishing to make a financial donation towards helping the animals, we do have e-transfer set up to No password is required. Please know all donations are well and responsibly used towards the care of the animals we're responsible for, and are very appreciated!

To donate by credit card, click the Donate Now button.



Heaven Can Wait currently has 20 volunteers giving us more than 10 hours a week and many part time volunteers who can only contribute a few hours a week. Ages range from 10 years old to 74. Volunteers help with the care and treatment of the animals, keeping the environment clean and safe, running errands such as picking up food and litter from suppliers, etc., helping to trap and transport feral cats, helping to plan and execute fundraisers, office help, general building maintenance, dog training, just to name some of the bigger jobs.

Volunteer hours vary, however on average, we need a minimum of 2-3 volunteer a day for up to 6 hours doing various or specific jobs.



Fostering means taking a needy animal into your home for a specific amount of time. Generally, we look for a minimum 4 week commitment, sometimes more depending upon the needs of the animal as well as other circumstances. During those 4 weeks, we are actively seeking a permanent home for your foster animal. This includes facebook updates, website, meet & greets and other networking. Foster families need to work with Heaven Can Wait to help us more thoroughly evaluate the animal in their care (i.e. good with children? Afraid of cats? Food aggressive?) and be available with a reasonable lead time to show the animals if we have a potential adopter.

Foster animals come with enough food to last the duration of the foster period, a litter box or kennel, and a list of emergency numbers should you experience any health issue with the animal. Veterinary costs will only be approved by an authorized member of Heaven Can Wait and we have excellent access to veterinarians after hours.

It is not the responsibility of the foster home to adopt your foster pet. Screening processes are in place and are done by our Adoption Coordinator. Of course, you may promote the animal within your care and we encourage you to speak about your foster animal to friends and family, but the final decision and responsibility rests with us.

Christmas Fostering has become a tradition at  HCW! For the period of Dec 15 – Jan 2 each year, we actively seek matches for our dogs (and a few cats!) over the holidays. If you and your family are planning to be close to home during this major holiday, consider becoming a Christmas Foster, and get on the contact list!

Young Veterinarians Education Program


Through the course of our work with young people, several exceptional children and teens have been identified as having the intelligence, aptitude and desire to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. We would like to encourage this path, and be able to offer financial aid as they mature and follow their path.

We are hoping to find a Patron or Patroness to help us develop this program. Until that time, we have been working to help promote this endeavor at fundraisers and have accepted many kind donations from individuals who recognize the benefits of assisting young people achieve their dreams. On a selfish note (!), we look forward to the day these children graduate and become vets dedicated to helping all animals, owned and rescued, and to the day when they donate a portion of their time to do spay/neuter clinics for Heaven Can Wait.

A separate, interest bearing account has been established to collect specific donations towards the Young Veterinarians Education Program. Thank you for your consideration.

Wish List


Needs certainly vary but here is our partial Wish List, from the small to the large.​

  • Blankets for dogs or to be cut down and made into cat beds

  • Cat carriers

  • Cat scratching posts


  • Please stay away from any brands with dyes in them (multi colored)

  • Dry dog food, both large and small breed

  • Grain free dog food

  • Canned dog food, regular

  • Canned dog food, grain free


    • ​Gastrointestinal

    • D/D

    • Hypoallergenic

    • Diabetic


  • Please stay away from any brands with dyes in them (multi colored)

  • Dry cat food, regular

  • Dry cat food, grain free 

  • Dry kitten food (for older kittens)

  • Mama cat & kitten food (actual name, formulated for young kittens)

  • Canned cat food, regular

  • Canned cat food, grain free

  • Canned kitten food


    • ​Gastrointestinal

    • D/D

    • Hypoallergenic, dry

    • Urinary S/O, dry

    • Renal Support, dry

    • W/D, dry

    • Fibre, canned

    • KMR milk replacement powder

    • Calm, dry


  • Rabbit pellets

  • Timothy Hay

  • Vegetables

  • Litter

  • Chews


  • Glucosamine

  • Fish Oil

  • Coconut Oil

  • Vitamin E Pills

  • Pancrease-V Powder (from vet)

  • Lysine Powder

  • Fortiflora for both dogs & cats

  • Benadryl

  • Lactulose (ask pharmacist)

  • Dermagel

  • Vet Wrap

  • Gauze

  • Hibitane or other skin cleanser

  • Syringes (3 ml) & Human Insulin ones

  • Polysporin ointment

  • Dulcolax

  • Canned pumpkin


  • Towels (larger sized)

  • Sheets

  • Blankets

  • Dog beds


  • Pine pellet litter (most cost effective is pine pellets from Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, etc - not labelled as litter)

  • Disinfecting cleaners - Lysol, Pinesol, Mr Clean

  • Bleach

  • Laundy Soap (HE Types)

  • Fabric Softener

  • Dish soap

  • Paper towels

  • Garbage bags - (Costco ones, strong)

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Vileda mop heads (twist type)

  • Kenmore 5055 vacuum bags

How Yo Can Help
How you can help

Volunteer Roles


General Job Description: To complete or assist in the completion of administrative functions as needed.

Specific Duties: Assistance in day-to-day operations of Heaven Can Wait such as preparation of correspondence, bank deposits, errands, assistance on specific projects, maintenance of filing system, reception.

Desired Qualifications: Independent worker, highly organized, friendly, outgoing, capable of handling multiple tasks, computer skills essential, publishing program and database knowledge ideal.

Required Commitment: Hours are flexible but minimum of 4 hours weekly in daytime.



General Job Description: Helping with the physical care of the animals, keeping the environment clean and healthy for our animals.

Specific Duties: Cleaning and disinfecting kennels, cleaning litter boxes, filling food and water bowls, sweeping kennel area, vacuuming, restocking, mopping, assist in the treatment of animals

Desired Qualifications: A true love of animal care, empathy, extreme patience, observant nature, organized and prepared to take initiative.

Required Commitment: Morning or afternoon available. Average time 3 - 5 hours.


General Job Description: Person who can assist with various ongoing needs to the building and property.

Specific Duties: Building shelves and storage, repairs as needed to building and property, hauling garage to dump, miscellaneous plumbing, electrical and various other needs as they arise.

Desired Qualifications: Anyone with a general knowledge of household maintenance, own tools and own vehicle.

Required Commitment: Bi-weekly for waste removal. As needed for general repairs or specific jobs.



General Job Description: Working with management to develop feral trapping program and actively trap cats, tracking and follow up of loaned-out traps in Town of High River and surrounding area.

Specific Duties: Maintenance and storage of traps, setting of traps and transporting or co-ordinating transportation to Heaven Can Wait or one of the various clinics we work with.

Desired Qualifications: Patience, empathy for the plight of feral cats, use of your own vehicle, stamina and no fear of cold/hot weather.

Required Commitment: Morning and/or evening trapping schedule based on available space. Likely to be 3 - 4 days a month. Based on available space and urgency of situation.


General Job Description: Taking an abandoned animal into your home to help socialize and provide a safe transition home while a permanent one is sourced.

Specific Duties: Making your foster animal a part of your family and providing love and care for a specific time frame.

Desired Qualifications: Fenced environment for dogs, knowledge and experience of dogs and their handling in general. For cats, indoor only environment.

Required Commitment: Minimum timeframe for fosters is 4 weeks, up to 8 weeks for mom and babies (kits or pups). Specific cases to be discussed with foster home at time.


General Job Description: Individual to run errands in High River, Calgary and sometimes Nanton & Vulcan.

Specific Duties: Various duties include picking up supplies, delivering animals to clinics, organizing and restocking storage area, extra hand at fundraisers and other functions.

Desired Qualifications: Willing spirit, own vehicle and flexible schedule.

Required Commitment: Flexible hours as needed, likely to be 2 - 3 hours weekly.


General Job Description: To assist in and co-ordinate any or all of our annual fundraisers and develop other fundraising opportunities.

Specific Duties: Fundraising, public relations, chair specific committees for specific events.

Desired Qualifications: Independent worker, highly organized, articulate, friendly and outgoing, capable of handling multiple tasks, enjoys working for animals.

Required Commitment: Dependent upon current and projected activities. Hours are flexible and variable.


General Job Description: Work in conjunction with management to develop volunteer base.

Specific Duties: Develop screening process for new volunteers, volunteer manual and volunteer database, develop reward programs and incentives, source and pursue available funding/grants for volunteer development.

Desired Qualifications: Enthusiasm and some experience in volunteer development, own vehicle.

Required Commitment: Hours will vary but estimate no more than 2 hours weekly in High River, rest can be done through phone/email.



General Job Description: Help out working hands-on with the animals.

Specific Duties: Help refill food and water bowls, help clean kennels, sweeping, doing dishes, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, handling animals with gentleness and love.

Desired Qualifications: Minimum age for young persons volunteering is 10 years old. Aptitude and comfortable approach to multi-animal environment a must

Required Commitment: Weekends, or weekdays during summer months. Hours may vary but generally a minimum of 4 hours

People who help us

Thanks to those who help us! 

High River Vet                    Highview Animal Clinic                   Riverwood Veterinary Clinic

Pet Valu Okotoks               Pet Valu High River                         Loves Dogs Grooming

Wags Pet Salon                  Paul Parrazzi Photography             WolvMac Photography

Bone & Biscuit, Okotoks   The Mill Store Okotoks                   Big Rock Vet 

Vulcan Veterinary              Nanton Vet Clinic                            MEOW Foundation

Foothills Pet Hospital         Dog Gone Pet Services                  Pet Planet Okotoks

Fish Creek 24 Hr Vet         Town & Country Fencing               Co-Op UFA Water Services              

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