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An outstanding young mom to her large litter, Tessa came to us through our friends at CATF. Now that her litter is weaned, Tessa will be spayed asap, and we'll start to concentrate on her needs! She is shy around humans, that little tail wag that says she wants to come forward but is still a bit unsure. She's a medium sized girl, a bit of Heeler, maybe a bit of Lab, and believe she's in the 1.5 - 2 year old range. Leashwork, commands etc are all new to her. We'd love to find a home for her that has the time to commit to her ongoing training and socializing ... (we've done no work as yet with kids, cats or other dogs as yet - just waiting for spay, and then the one-on-one she deserves). 

Tessa Cree

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