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IN ADOPTION TRIAL: Brought in as unclaimed strays through Vulcan County, these two are in the 2 - 3 year old range, vetted now (nice to see some weight coming on them!). They are as close as two dogs can be and we will be looking for a home who can keep them together. It's especially important for Kia, who is mostly blind. She relies on him, and he always stays close to her, too. They're a hard-no to cats in the home (prey drive is definitely there!) and although Kia has been cautiously willing to play and be around other dogs, Koda has been tougher to be open to other dogs in his world. Leash skills are good overall with an experienced walker, no problem with the vehicle and "come" is even pretty good (for Nordics, ha!). Not our choice for young children, but older kids should be fine. 

Koda & Kia

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