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UPDATE: Both Courtney and her sister Kendra have been diagnosed with a condition called mega-esophagus, a difficult condition to manage. We can give a potential adopter all of our advice on routines, feeding, meds and prognosis for the longerm. This definitely makes her harder-to-adopt and would be great to have her considered by someone in the mega-e community. A Cane Corso X, Courtney is approx. 9 mos old, a transfer from a municipality, recovered when the tenant was evicted. She is more of a follower type temperament, and would benefit from a mature dog in the home. No real cat-work as yet, but at this age, should be respectful and willing. She is friendly with people, and a smart girl who learns quickly. Expect her to be in the 80 lbs range full grown, and it'll be important to keep up her socializing to everything life has to offer as she matures!


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