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UPDATE: Archie still needs the right folks for adoption, but is doing sooo much better! He's been downgraded from nightmare to just difficult at the groomers. His socializing meeting new people is noticably improved. He's slowly becoming more stable and happier! Don't let this "cute" face fool you ... Archie is for a very specific potential owner. He is a nightmare at the groomers, friendly with new people until he's not, has definitely curled his lip at us when he's unsure or feels cornered. But he will bond when he trusts, and we've all come to love and appreciate his affectionate nature when he understands he has no reason to fear. We took Archie on an owner-surrender a few months ago because at only 3 years old, he deserved a chance to find the people or person who would commit to him, and work through his fear-behaviors. He does really well with other dogs, enjoys ball-play, knows his commands and is crate trained. He is obviously not for a rookie home, nor do we recommend children, whether in the home or visiting. Archie has a home with us until we can source the right one for him, and we'll continue trust building, confidence work, structure and boundaries for him until that person is found. 


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