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Sean is going to need the right dog, and the right people to give him the life he was meant to have ... he is not a confident dog, and although we are working daily to build it, it will be ongoing as he matures. He would do very well with a more bossy female dog companion in a potential home, as he responds and understands then. He is paired up with other dogs, and although nervous on first meet, if the introduction is done with just a moment's consideration, he'll quickly go into play with them. He is crate trained, learning the leash quickly (but gets spooked by the unexpected and needs direction when that happens), enjoys the vehicle. Sean is only 6 months old, and have to say wherever he was before us did him no favours ... this dog is begging for structure in a way he understands, and has all the potential to be a great companion. But it'll take the right home. We believe he's a Shep X (and has the most beautiful, extra long tail!). 


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