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IN ADOPTION TRIAL: Pearl is a complicated personality! We think she's a GSP type X, approx. 2 - 3 years old, and what little we know of her background isn't good. Taken by a homeless man from an abusive situation, he tried to surrender her to a small rescue who had no space, and then reached out to us. She is an active breed with a ridiculously high prey drive (so that's a hard no to cats or any other small animal in a potential home), but it's her multi-sided personality that needs the right home just as much as breed recognition traits. She has moments of quiet, endearing affection. Followed by moments of total disregard. She gets along well with other dogs, and then suddenly can come on strong and get snarky with them. She has perfect recall, until she absolutely doesn't and you're left wondering what is going through her mind! She has never shown human aggression despite being poorly treated (and suspect her facial scarring has something to do with that). She is very strong on leash, and would need an experienced handler to get her focus and attention back on the human. She does have a good grasp of all the basic commands, though, and will make good eye contact. She is work, no doubt about it, but those soft moments are truly beautiful. The right home is out there, just have to find them!


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