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UPDATE:  Mason has really blossomed these past weeks! His recall is 100% improved, and so has his confidence! New things and challenges are being met and exceeded. His crate training is perfect, too. He still won't be for cats, but considering how nervous he was on intake, just such a different guy! Mason's only on 1.5 years old, and wherever he came from was not a good start for him ... he's for a more experiened owner, one who can keep that cattle dog part of his breeding busy with great exercise, and one who can help him past his moments of "unsure". He's already improving here, but for him to have the life he should have, we need an owner who will continue the work we've started. He is willing to play with other dogs, more females than males, he's a hard-no to cats (for prey drive). He bonds quickly to humans, and is affectionate and smart. Leashwork and basic commands underway, and he does want to learn. He's not our choice for children at this time. 


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