ADOPTED: Found in Leduc County, Katie is approx. 2 - 2.5 years old, weighing approx. 45 lbs. With her wonky ear and even wonkier tail, Kate is "cute" for sure ... but she won't be for an inexperienced home. We suspect some damage in her former life because as much as she wants to be near people, she will also give good warning if we're pushing too hard. Trust needs to be built with this girl, and she's showing us she can do it, it's just going to take time. And the right potential owner to help her reach it. No children in the home or visiting for this girl, at least at the moment. Prey drive is there on cats, and as much as she wants to engage with other dogs, she becomes immediately defensive once they start to interact. She's going to be 6 months of "work", and a lifetime of loyalty once she gets the help to figure it out.