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Are you looking for a dog you can really do "stuff" with? JJ might be him! He's on 1 - 1.5 years old, and is all Border Collie! Found rurally and never claimed, Jay has a strong working drive. Which translates to he's busy, clever, alert, literally has two speeds (high and off), and as with most Collies, they need a job! Agility for sure is an option for him, but regardless, active people who truly want to work with this kind of breed and nature. JJ is good with other dogs, but hasn't formed any close relationships here. He's currently a no to cats (because they're just too much fun to chase!). He is friendly with people overall, but we've done no work with children as yet. He needs more focus on his leashwork, but does have a good grasp of basic commands. 


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