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ADOPTED! Henry arrived late one night, his owner critically injured in a motor vehicle accident. Henry, too, was wounded and required veterinary care with thankfully no long lasting issues. No family member was able to come for Henry so he became ours. He's in the 3.5 - 4 year old range, a low-key Pit X with a loving attitude towards humans, and a willingness to please. His recall is very good, he's respectful to his bedding and toys, still strong on leash but will respond to a more experienced handler. We haven't done much by way of direct dog interaction, mainly because he was recovering, but he does show interest in meeting other dogs, females more than males at this point. We don't believe he'll be able to live closely with a cat, and children in the 10+ range would likely be fine for him. He's displayed no poor behaviors in our environment (and thankfully is not afraid of being in a vehicle). 


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