The old joke about how many Shepherds does it take to change a lightbulb? Only 1, but first he'll check all the rooms, make sure the windows and doors are locked and do a perimeter sweep, always makes me think of Connie! Shepherds are working dogs, and need above average exercise and engagement, and Conrad is no different. Super smart, makes great eye contact, knows his basic commands and will walk well on leash if the handler takes control not the dog, Connie is particularly good around children. Recently at a Meet & Greet, he did well overall meeting new people but could tell he was a bit cautious of who touched him. Kids, however, respectful and interested. At only 1.5 years old, he's a good dog. A bit unsure meeting new dogs, but if the intro is controlled, he's realizes there is no threat. No work with cats as yet.